About Us


IdeaCrate Edutainment Company is a multi-faceted company with a vision to create a niche in both Children’s Education & Family Entertainment industry.

The Company aims at operating paramount schools, nurseries, indoor/outdoor play areas, and amusement centres, which will also be a hub for the entire family in the region and across the globe.


The mission is to provide the very best learning and entertaining experiences to our young and young-at-heart patrons; leveraging on our efficacious team members – a team of highly qualified professionals from around the world – chosen for their commitment to excellence and dedication.

Our Vision

To revolutionise the ‘edutainment’ and wellbeing offerings to children and families in the region and in the globe with its unrivalled brands.

CEO Message

In this dynamic world where everything is evolving, proper education along with enriching and engaging entertainment is, in my opinion more important than ever.

Becoming a mother gave me new distinct perspectives on child care and development. Promptly, creatively producing enriching environment for young ones became my passion.

My vision is to become the prominent contributor in delivering world-class educational institutions and creating unique family entertainment facilities with the support of my highly professional and committed team members.

We as a team are very confident that we will achieve excellence in the educational and edutainment industry.

Confident that we will achieve excellence in the educational and edutainment industry.

Shifa Yusuffali founder & CEO